There is no livelier conversation right now than the one being held in staff rooms,  at grocery stores, and around dinner tables about how to best communicate student learning to students and their parents. With implementation of the re-designed K-9 curriculum this year, there is a clear sense that what we have always done in terms of reporting may not fit with the central tenets and principles that underpin this re-thought educational framework.

We as a district our seeking to engage teachers, parents and students in conversations that will reshape how we communicate formally and informally about student learning. We are supporting teachers who want to utilize technology to best advantage through use of pilot programs with the Freshgrade and Scholantis tools.

Education Minister Mike Bernier recently announced the beginning of a new process to engage with families around the province on student reporting. The Ministry is asking families how they want to hear about their child’s progress in the classroom from kindergarten to Grade 9. Until February 28, 2017, parents and communities have the opportunity to engage online and attend community meetings and focus groups around the province to share their thoughts on student reporting.

Parents are encouraged to visit to learn the dates and times of community meetings and to share their thoughts.


Rollie Koop

Superintendent of Schools