In our district, we have sought to build a culture where people feel comfortable sharing their views and perspectives openly. One of the tools we have employed to broaden the number of voices heard in our district on matters of broad interest is the Thoughtexchange community engagement process.

From the 495 people who contributed to our Spring 2016 engagement, we learned a great deal about what our parents and staff feel are our strengths and some of the areas where they believe we have room for improvement.

We also heard clearly about some of the great experiences that students, staff and parents have had this year.

One of the most interesting sets of data relates to the questions that participants had about all of the changes currently being undertaken in the BC Public Education System.

Trustees, Senior Staff and our schools will  continue to work with this information and will be used it to inform the future directions for our district.

We would invite you to view the results at this site


Rollie Koop

Superintendent of Schools


Nothing affects the learning culture of an organization more than the skill with which its executive team receives feedback…it sets the tone and creates an organizational culture of learning, problem-solving and adaptive performance.


Heen and Stone – Thanks for the Feedback