They were in Howie Meeker country, playing a game at the Howie Meeker Rink, so it was was only fitting that the first inter-school hockey game played between Ballenas and Kwalikum Secondary students from the SD69 Hockey Program would turn-out be a barn burner.

The students from the program were divided into teams based on their home high school and took to the ice for a friendly match that featured some crisp passing, sweater rippling speed and a limited degree of commitment to defensive hockey. In the end, a 7-7 score at the close of regulation time was unknotted by a shoot-out goal that sent the KSS kids, their parents and instructor/teacher Greg Lewis home smiling.

For those keeping track of the battle for bragging rights between the respective principals, Ms. Marshall put in a stellar first shift, but noted the relative size and speed of the players around her and decided an early shower was in order. Her parting comment was that she would be pleased to engage Mr. Terpstra in a test of on ice foot speed at another time. Mr. Terpstra put in a regular shift for the full duration of the game and even managed to bang in a rebound in a losing cause.

At the end of the day, the big winners were the students who are getting the opportunity to pursue a passion for Canada’s game in the context of their educational program. What could be better than that?!

Rollie Koop – Superintendent of Schools