Sir Ken Robinson defines the personalization of learning as, ‘Enabling students to pursue their interests and strengths.’

One of the exciting aspects of our school district reconfiguration process was the potential to see expanded elective, exploratory or discovery learning opportunities at our elementary schools.

Two weeks ago, Nanoose Bay Elementary had all of their students from K-7 engage in discovery learning.

Primary learners engaged in: Forest Play, Art, Building, Cars, Maker Space and Dinosaur Exploration.

Grade four and five students experienced: Computer Animation, Elements of Art and Leadership.

Grade six and seven students were able to choose between: Maker Space, Video Making and Outdoor Adventurers.

When asked about the day, principal Tandy Gunn shared her excitement that, ‘Our whole school had the chance to be discovering at the same time!’

More steps toward our desired future where the passions and interests of our students are at the core of learning experiences – not textbooks.

Rollie Koop

Superintendent of Schools